About me.

First off, this blog is all about sharing my photography and also sharing my love of doing fun little DIY projects along with a little bit of random life content (my life experiences, my child, etc)  thrown in there as well.

A little bit of background….I’ve always had many hobbies and have never really followed a straight path.  Growing up I danced, then tried gymnastics which actually helped my dancing. I did horseback riding. I also dabbled in playing an instrument. So much so that I received a scholarship and majored in music for very short time in College.  And after all of that I ended up with a degree in Fashion Design.

While in college, my husband (then boyfriend) encouraged me to try getting an on-camera agent, so I took up modeling, mostly commercial on camera. While being in front of the camera, I became more and more interested in being behind the camera as well. A little more about when I decided to purchase my first camera here.

One thing I know, is that I love the arts and being creative. So, photography came to me very naturally.  Photography is my creative outlet and I love shooting everything from actors and weddings to babies. I also like being social and being around people–and home design.  Thus, the real estate license.  Click for my  real estate web page

The most important thing in my life though, is my family. My husband has always been my cheerleader.  He has been the one who has allowed (and motivated!)  me to pursue all of my passions.  Without him, none of this would exist.

Our family portrait:

So that is a little bit about who I am.  I like a lot of things and I will try pretty much anything. I am a “yes” person! And because of this I have a long list of things I want to do in this life…