How I updated an old table and chairs

Since we are planning on moving hopefully sooner rather than later, I decided not to go ahead and purchase a table until I know what our new abode will be. I acquired this old table from my parents and the chairs were my grandma’s old chairs, which had water damage on the legs from when her downstairs level flooded. So, both the table and chairs were not in tip top condition and since I am always looking for projects to do, I decided to find a way to update them. I decided to paint the legs and back of chairs and legs of the table a nice creamy white color and then give them a distressed look (which by the way makes the painting part e a s y).

Tools I used:

Sandpaper, medium grit

Behr paint sample in Swiss Coffee satin finish–I used 2.5 of them

Paint brushes

painter tape


The before:

I took this sandpaper….

….and went to town sanding the legs and back of the chairs and legs of the table


After all of that was done, I taped where I didn’t want paint to touch on the chairs


The first coat…..

After a second coat dried, I used the sandpaper to sand the edges to give a distressed look. It was actually easier than I thought.


The finished look of the chairs:

The finished look of the table legs:

The complete look

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