How I do Cloth Diapers –quick & easy



I decided to make a quick video of how I do my cloth diapers. I don’t really spend a ton of time dealing with them because–yes, I have better things to do. I pride myself on figuring out ways to make tasks easier and this is one of them! I wanted cloth because one, they do save you money in the end than buying disposable all of the time; two, because they tend to be better for the kid because they are more natural; and three, just in case I ran out of disposable, I always have cloth!  I do still use disposable for nighttime (because even if you use two inserts in the cloth, my child still would be wet in the morning with cloth diapers) and for going out and about. So I have a hybrid system for diapers. For my newborn, right now we are just using disposable and when she has less wet diapers and hopefully when my other child is potty trained–she better be!–I can start using cloth on her.




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