Fall Photography for Baby

fall baby photography

I thought it would be kind of fun to take some photos of my (almost) 3 month old for fall, since she has grown and changed sooo much since her newborn photos.

I will reiterate this again–it is waaay harder to take pictures of your own children than someone else’s. Who would’ve thought?? This shoot took 3 separate tries to accomplish. She was either crabby or sleepy–not good for photos of a 3 month old.  I think it’s because there is just too much to worry about instead of just the photography aspect. If I’m taking photos of a client’s child, they are there helping with the child and I can solely worry about getting that picture. I’m sure this is going to be the story when my kids have more of a say in the matter. They aren’t going to want to pose for photos for me because, well, it’s just me and not a stranger taking the photos!  Case-in-point–When I first started as a photographer I worked for a short time for a company where we took dance portraits for studios and park districts. There were all ages, but the young ones were always better behaved when the parents were not in the room with them and so, we were able to get better quality pictures out of these kids. Funny, huh?

Anyways, some fall photos of my little girl:






fall baby photography

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