DIY Medusa Costume



In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to post about a costume I made a few years back. Since I have a degree in Fashion Design, I should use it in some way right?? I also have figured out how to make pretty darn good Las Vegas Showgirl Headdresses, which I can post about at a later date. I didn’t take pictures while working on this project, but I can explain what I did.

Here is the full costume:




For the Headdress: I used a headdress form such as this on ebay: Showgirl Headdress Skull Cap. I cut that in the way I wanted it as you can see in the photo and glued elastic in the back so it would stay on my head. I then took cardboard and made the standing up part of the headdress. After that, I purchased cheap plastic snakes–which I found in the toy section at Walmart–and glued them onto the cardboard. I added some bedazzle and then spray painted everything gold and then sprayed gold glitter. BTW, I always use a hot glue gun for all of these type projects. It’s my best friend. Except that one time some dropped on my leg and burned me so bad I still have a small scar.




For the top/skirt: I purchased a corset type top at Forever 21 and spray painted it gold. I then took snakes I purchased at a Halloween store and sewed them onto the bust area. The skirt is basically an old dress I turned into a ballroom skirt. You can basically do anything for the bottom. When I wore the costume for Halloween (as you can see in the pictures below) I wore a green skirt, but I like the gold one better.




Here is me wearing the entire thing (I blacked out my face because I posted this costume to sell after wearing it)


Here is how I wore it for a party several years ago:


Medusa Costume

We were at a crazy Halloween party in the city at the Palmer House Hilton which ended up ending early because of a tragic accident–actually several accidents that night–and fights were breaking out everywhere on our way back up to our hotel room. At least we were upgraded to an apartment sized hotel room fit with a living room, kitchen and dining room that night….

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