The Best Flexible High-Paying Part Time Job

How to be a brand ambassador

I want to share my experience and tell you how you could work as a Brand Ambassador/Part Time Marketer. This is precisely the job I did for around 8 years and I started when I was in college. If you are new to a city, it is a fantastic way to meet people as well, as its typically a job for 20-somethings. Now, you could definitely find work to do if you are 50+ as well. My mother-in-law works as a brand ambassador sampling wine and other liquor in grocery and liquor stores. The benefit of doing this kind of work is the flexibility. You can work every day, or once a year–its up to you! Now, there are always going to be companies who use their “favorites” –people who work a lot for them and who have a proven track record, but there is always a need for new people and this type of work is relatively easy to get into and start networking  to get even more work.

As far as payment goes, some companies require for you to be a part-time employee, while many still will hire you as an independent contractor.  They will tell you what paperwork you will need. Sometimes you will get paid quickly, while other times it can take a month or more to get your paycheck. I have never not gotten paid.

To do this work, you have to be able to:

  • Have a pleasant attitude
  • Complete reports (not all of the time, but some of the time)
  • Be on time
  • Stand for long periods of time
  • Get along with co-workers and the general public
  • Be outgoing and not shy
  • Learn about products and be able to talk about them

Below I have a list of companies where you can visit their website and sign up to be a Brand Ambassador/Talent, etc. There are probably way more companies out there too, because new ones pop up everyday.  Most of the time these companies will email a job to everyone on their list and tell you how to apply for that specific job.

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