How I use a WubbaNub for my older baby 2

I was letting my daughter use her “Mon” (what she calls it) which is her WubbaNub Monkey pacifier when she is apparently too old to be using it.  This is actually almost a public service announcement because I found her in her crib with half of the pacifier chewed off. Luckily she didn’t swallow the other half which easily could have been a choking hazard!!! I would urge any parents to not let your child use these once they get teeth.  I’m pretty sure these soft pacifier “soothies” are only for children 0-3 months. What good is that when your baby loves the little animal attached to it??
I pride myself at being fairly crafty, so I quickly decided to figure out a way to add an age-appropriate pacifier to the monkey. My daughter absolutely loves Mon,  and so I didn’t want to just toss it in the trash. This is what I did.
I took a pacifer that was age appropriate for my daughter.
I found some scrap fabric. It really doesn’t matter what kind it is, mine was just a woven white cotton fabric.
I took the old chewed off pacifier off of the monkey with a seam ripper. You can use a scissors too. They are just sewn in there.
On the pacifier, I took off the circular handle piece and took a small scrap of fabric and hand-stitched it together.
From there, I just took a needle and thread, and shoved the fabric in the hole in the monkey’s mouth, and sewed it shut, all with hand-stitching.
Finished product! I actually had two of these monkeys so the pacifier is a little different in the monkey below.
She loves it!

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