How to make Stocking Holders. This one is for next year…. or..if you want to be prepared for next year while you are putting your Christmas decorations away…

I first took some wood 2x4s left over from some other project and cut them into equal sizes. (I did about 3.5″ each.) I cut 8 pieces to make 4 stocking holders.
I used wood glue to attach the pieces to each other and let dry for 24 hours. I then took sand paper to sand down the pieces so they weren’t as rough. For some reason I can’t find the picture of took of this step!  I then spray painted all of the pieces with Rust-Oleum paint and primer.  Its easier to do it that way instead of priming all of the pieces first. This stuff has great coverage.
I wanted a little window so I can write everyone’s first initial with chalk, so I measured squares and taped so I could paint a square with chalkboard paint.
This is the best paint. I use this paint for sooo many things. I originally purchased this to put chalkboard paint of the stems of wine glasses for a party so we could write our names on them. So anyways, I had it laying around and put it to good use.
I decided it would look cute and rustic to glue some twine around the chalkboard boxes. So, I used a hot glue gun to do so.
The next step was to put on some hooks for the stockings to hang on.  I found these at Hobby Lobby AND they were half off.  I found some black screws and screwed them into the wood.
And…there you have it! The finished product.  They don’t hold super heavy stockings, but I mainly wanted them for decoration. Cute, unique, and easy.

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